Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Zebulon Lives!

We've created a website, complete with illustrations by the talented artist, Adam Collison, in anticipation of the May 2007 release of THE DROP EDGE OF YONDER, a novel by Rudolph Wurlitzer.

Dennis Cooper had this praise to heap upon the book: "The Drop Edge of Yonder is one of the most purely, deeply thrilling, inspired, and inspiring American novels I've read in many years."

And try this one on for size: "Like the Ancient Mariner, Wurlitzer holds his reader right there by his account." ~ William S. Burroughs.

For a good old fashioned synopsis of THE DROP EDGE OF YONDER, along with quotes from Alan Arkin and Scott Spencer, as well as blurbs about Wurlitzer's previous works from the Village Voice, Thomas Pynchon, and Sam Shephard, head on over to, y'hear?

(Stay tuned for a site for LIFE ON THE LEDGE: Reflections of a New York City Window Cleaner, a memoir by Ivor Hanson, which will feature a short video documentary of Ivor dangling from the ledge...)

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