Thursday, December 13, 2007

NYC baby, NYC

We just made it back from our first successful sales conference with Consortium. While in town we were fortunate enough to hang out with some really super-cool folks.

Picture: Francis Levy (and former Grove employee before he was, ahem, terminated), the man/myth Barney Rosset, and Eric.

There are more pictures for the curious in the 'Events' page at


Jimmy & Kate said...

Eric - Are you balding?

Awesome site dude....see you soon.

Jimmy & Kate

Jimmy & Kate said...

Wait - isn't that the dude from Whits?

Jimmy & Kate said...

Why do the old dudes have more hair?

Kate Leavell said...

Your site mentioned that Rio is heiress....we think that would be an upgrade. Let us know when that changeover is planned.

Seriously dude....let the baby call the shots. After all, she has more hair.