Friday, July 25, 2008

Erotomania/Levy in the LA Times Book Review.

In a very discouraging piece of news, it was revealed earlier this week that the Los Angeles Times will discontinue it's standalone Book Review. The final supplement will appear in this Sunday's issue.

I was very happy to discover that in this past Sunday's issue (7/20 -- second to last issue ... ever), Richard Rayner reviewed Francis Levy's Erotomania: A Romance in his monthly "Paperback Writers" section.

This is what he had to say:
"[Levy's] excellent too, like Miller and Bukowski, on the mechanics and energy and animal filth of rumpy-pumpy, bringing to his sex scenes all the humor they need. There's a hilarious sequence in which the lovers use art criticism as a sex aid. Readers will never think of Robert Hughes or the abstract Expressionists in quite the same way. Sex is familiar, but it's perennial, and Levy makes it fresh."

The Los Angeles Times has been very supportive of our titles so far this year, but even had they not been, I'd be sad to see the Book Review go. I realized this when I randomly told my two-year-old daughter (jokingly), "You'll never know the Los Angeles Times Book Review in your lifetime," and I stopped because I imagined the lack of appreciation of the literary arts in the mainstream media, and where things could go during her lifetime. Something has to change.


Anonymous said...

I fancy myself liberated in my sexual outlooks and comfortable with my own sexuality. Having had many failed relationships with women that never were sexually problematic, Erotomania has given me a ridiculous set of new angles and tools with which I can gauge my on sexual health. In my opinion the underlying thesis of the book is that "we all want sex all the time"...what type of sex and with whom is a choice that each individual must confront. My realization is that sex IS a solid enough foundation for complete people. If I really am screwing the type of person I truly enjoy the most, then the periphery things that tend to become points of contention with couples fly out of the window....If your not getting all you want sexually from someone who cares what else they have to offer?.....I can roll with that thought.

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Emma said...

Sometimes management discontinues things that they have fans for.