Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Every Once in a While Something Cool Goes and Happens

Way back when we received an email from Hernan Ortiz, who was contacting us from a nonprofit in Colombia called Fractal, a group whose aim is to use fiction, art, science, and technology to approach Latin American issues. Annually they produce a conference that brings in speakers and involves school children and is broadcast on local television. Hernan said they were looking for "innovative fiction" for discussion and to promote at the conference. He also said that if we mailed shirts he and his partner, Viv Trujillo, would wear them at the event.

When I say "way back when" I mean last fall. We sent a package of books and a couple shirts and then sort of forgot about it until we got an email from Hernan this spring letting us know that the conference was a rousing success. He directed us to this conference diary (sounds like conferences in the jungle are way better than conferences not in the jungle) and sent us some pictures. Fractal would be the "something cool" referred to in the blog heading.

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