Thursday, December 27, 2007

Looking Forward to 2008: The Drop Edge of Yonder

In Time Out New York's year-end wrap-up of the "Best (and Worst) of 2007" Michael Miller rates the year's best books.

Miller gives props to the greatly under-appreciated Gary Lutz, for his chapbook, Partial List of People to Bleach (Future Tense Books), and Adrian Tomine for his graphic novel, Shortcomings (Drawn & Quarterly), among other deserving titles for the year. [It is also worth noting, that I was introduced to both the Lutz and Tomine books at the Wordstock Book Festival in Portland this year.]

Of particular interest to us, is the fact that Miller mentions The Drop Edge of Yonder, novel by Rudolph Wurlitzer (forthcoming, April 2008), as an "early sign of promise" that publishers will take more chances on challenging titles in 2008.

Beneath the Pines, novel by Janet Beard

Beneath the Pines, the debut novel from Janet Beard (forthcoming, Fall 2008), has a new viral home.

At the book's website, you can read excerpts from the novel, get some great Southern recipes, and hear about the stories that inspired the story itself.

Julie Mars raves that Beneath the Pines is "a rich tale of family ties lost and rediscovered, hearts broken and mended, and secrets with the power to imprison."

Whet your appetite for this book, coming your way September 2008.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

NYC baby, NYC

We just made it back from our first successful sales conference with Consortium. While in town we were fortunate enough to hang out with some really super-cool folks.

Picture: Francis Levy (and former Grove employee before he was, ahem, terminated), the man/myth Barney Rosset, and Eric.

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