Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Drop Edge of Yonder Release Date.

We're super-excited to announce that THE DROP EDGE OF YONDER, the new novel from Rudolph Wurlitzer that the world has been eagerly awaiting, is slated for release on October 1!

To whet your appetite and to find out what two-headed dragon we'll be unleashing, head on over to the site we set up for the book:

The buzz is building:
"Rudy Wurlitzer takes no prisoners. It's like Sam Beckett meets 'The Searchers'. An uncompromising, wild and wooly tale." -Sam Shepard.

"The Drop Edge of Yonder is a book you watch as you read, cast the film as you reread, and create a sequel as you sleep. A hypnotic yarn of poetry and mystical love." -Patti Smith

"Shoenberg playing on a whorehouse piano, a roulette wheel spinning on a melting ice floe, Sam Beckett with a six-gun and a sack of rattlesnakes. Rudy Wurlitzer wrings your heart like a chicken's neck while he shows you the cannibal in your bathroom mirror: our true American myth of origin." -Gary Indiana

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