Sunday, May 18, 2008

PW Cover!

Publishers Weekly did a story in their May 5 issue on us, for a continuing series they're doing on 50 individuals involved in book publishing under the age of 40. The tag for this series is "50 Under 40".

In the 5/5 issue, they placed those profiled in this series to-date on their cover. Eliza and I happened to be the fortunate ones profiled in this particular issue.

We thank Lynn Andriani for the wonderful article and the graphics department for allowing us to use a picture where I'm wearing a lei.

The opening to the article: "Far from the cubicles of corporate Manhattan publishing, Eric Obenauf, 26, and Eliza Jane Wood, 28, run a publishing outfit called Two Dollar Radio out of their home in Granville, Ohio. The husband and wife sport tattoos of the company logo on their wrists. They put photos of their two-year-old daughter, Rio, and their dogs, Hoon and Scarlet, in their book catalogues. They both work second jobs: he waits tables and manages a restaurant; she proofreads textbooks. They used to live in New York, but the cost of living and running a business was too high, so they moved to Ohio, near family. “We have grass and stuff,” says Obenauf. They also have a fledgling publishing company that's on the verge of busting out from tiny to an official small press."

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