Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Some Things Cover.

P.S. Some Things That Meant the World to Me, the debut novel from the Joshua Mohr, is due out June 1 but is now available for pre-order through our site.
P.P.S. Check out that quote from Donald Ray Pollock!



locating acquiring editors at TWO DOLLAR RADIO -- VERY URGENT~

Do you guys publish nonfiction, gift books, about social change and
public awareness on global warming?
I have major major book with introduction by Dr James Lovelock in the
UK, who is my mentor here.

Danny Bloom living in TAWAIN....expat here forever!
Tufts 1971

I am PR maven from way back and will get maximum PR for this book. It
is a small book and will not make money.
But it is important. 44 pages. Gift book.


Anonymous said...

You might try the standard submission policies the publishers have posted on their site; making a book pitch in a comment field is not only bad form but it's very unprofessional, considering that you're "a PR maven from way back."


thanks. i don't do submission guidelines crap.


but i understand your comment and points well taken. not everyone is a PR maven in the same way. i don't follow rules. rules are made to be broken sir. the pub world sucks. it's all connections. screw that.


and anwyays, Two Dollar Radio's eric already told me to get, he referred to me another indie pub so cool.....see it works sir~