Saturday, March 06, 2010

Our Authors are Effing Rad

In the future we plan to incorporate blog posts from our various authors, since it can become kind of stale (and redundant) reading (and writing) solely from one person's vantage. And what better source for additional perspectives than our very own authors?

Starting Monday, Barbara Browning, author of the forthcoming The Correspondence Artist (early 2011) will be guest-posting for the entire week.

Equally awesome on the awesome-thermometer, is that we asked some of our authors whether they'd be willing to model our line of tee shirts for our website. Below are some of their glamour shots (there are more to come!):

Xiaoda Xiao, author of The Cave Man and
The Visiting Suit: Stories From My Prison Life (Nov. '10).

Grace Krilanovich, author of The Orange Eats Creeps (Sept. '10).

Joshua Mohr, author of Some Things That Meant the World to Me
and Termite Parade (July '10).

Amy Koppelman, author of I Smile Back.

Francis Levy, author of Erotomania: A Romance.

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