Friday, September 03, 2010

"All Ages Show at Club Knuckle Sandwich," cont'd

The band _____________________ (name of deep sea creature) ___________________ (b-movie title or type of drug) took the stage, boasting a stack of _____ (number) watt amps, a new bass player from _____________________ (country) and a drummer wearing a __________ (adj) dress and _________________ (hairstyle). The guitar player _______________________ (adverb) tuned up against the backdrop of __________________ (song title), which was shorting out the PA speakers. The singer, ____________________ (snack food) ___________________ (proper last name) had just gotten out of jail for ___________________ (adj) assault with a deadly ___________________ (noun). S/he gripped the ___________________ (noun), singing into it with a voice reminiscent of ____________________ (celebrity) on __________________________ (food/drink/drug). Two freaky cheerleaders flanked the band, named ________________ (noun) and _____________ (noun that rhymes with prev. noun), who, on this tour, also happened to double as _____________ (adj) roadies, ___________________ (make of car) driver and merch _________________ (plural noun). “__________________,” (exclamation) “this PA sucks! Hi, we’re ____________________________ (deep sea creature from above) ______________________________ (b movie title or type of drug from above) and we’re from _____________________ (city). The ______________________ (adj) promoter from this ________________________ (adj) club has already told us were getting paid __________ (dollar amount) so _____________________ (insult). They launched into their first song, a cover of ______________________ (song title) done in the style of ___________________________ (music genre). Instantly, the ____________________ (adj) crowd split into two factions: half rushing the stage, half heading for the exit. ____________________ (plural noun) and ________________________ (plural noun) came flying out of nowhere, hitting the singer in the chest. “____________________,” (exclamation) “Who threw that? Look, we’re gonna stop the show if you can’t be nice. Don’t throw shit, cuz we’ll be gone.” The song ground to a halt. Then suddenly the promoter rushed the stage, __________________ (adverb) waving a cassette tape, screaming “This is not the band I booked! Where’s _____________________ (brand of detergent) _____________________ (type of weather)? Get ‘em on stage. You’re done. You guys suck. And you’re con artists. This ______________________ (undesirable substance) sounds nothing like your ___________________ (adj) demo tape. The band shrugged, peeling off their respective instruments, throwing them to the floor. At the load-in door a ___________ (adj) record label A & R man was waiting with a ___________ (adj) contract. Turns out __________________ (celebrity) wanted to produce their debut album and the budget was _____________ (dollar amount). “_____________________” (catch-phrase) the band collectively exclaimed. “Perfect album title!” the A & R man said. As it happens, the next _________________ (adj) band took _________ (number) minutes to set up, but by then the audience had bailed. THE END

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