Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kevin Thomas: Iron Man

Kevin Thomas is our first 'Iron Man,' who will be receiving an almost free lifetime subscription of books -- every book we've published plus every book we will publish. Forever.

I say "almost" free because he had to tattoo the Two Dollar Radio radio on his body. Inked by Lisa at Icon Tattoo in Portland.

Kevin is an unemployed cartoonist living in western Washington. So the free books should help. Last year he started a webcomic called Horn Comix Supplement that recently turned into a biweekly book review for The Rumpus, everyone's favorite books and culture site. Check out his work -- it's pretty rad.

Kevin will be the first member of a virtual plaque on the wall that we have yet to create, which will be special for lifetime subscription holders. Some light-website lifting will likely take place, but be prepared.


Domestic Goddess said...

What, no rainbow colors?

KevinSemicolon said...

Oh, I thought about zazzing it up, but one hour on the table is plenty. (Thanks for being the first to heckle my tattoo, cuz!)

Barbara Browning said...

I like the b&w minimalism! And for the record, I'm no relation.

suz said...

oh, now i see why you got a boombox tattoo...makes perfect sense! i just thought it looked cool but there was a bigger goal in mind... FREE BOOKS!! it looks great :)