Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Barbara Browning's Elephant

So while some folks like jmww and The Rumpus got into The Correspondence Artist this past week, Barbara Browning's been hard at work on her second effort, a novel called I'm Trying to Reach You, which we'll be publishing next spring 2012.

The book incorporates choreographed YouTube dance videos as Gray Adams attempts to unravel the mystery of who may be murdering the world's most famous dancers.

One of the videos is performed to the song 'Elephant' by Pattern is Movement. The band dug the choreography, so did Deli Magazine, and the video has been getting some play. Check it out.

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francis said...

I was engaged in a leaden conversation with some dead ancestors and then I watched Barbara's video and experienced a moment of delight. It was like a non sequitur. I love the stances by the way. What is it called when you move across the floor toe to heel?