Sunday, July 10, 2011

This Week in Links

We're starting a new, weekendly blog post called This Week in Links. During the course of the work-a-day week we're bogged down with publishing industry news, most of which is uninteresting. However, every so often we stumble upon some news that is cool/amusing and we'd like to share. We'll try to keep them book-specific (otherwise you'd be getting weekly updates on Dan Savage's Google-bomb on Rick Santorum, which I find frankly hilarious).

Call Heather Christle and she'll read you a poem from her new collection The Trees The Trees: link.

The FBI followed Hemingway until his death: link.

California is forcing Amazon and other online retailers to start collecting retail tax: link.

Still interesting stories from last week:
Long time publisher at Coffee House Press steps down: link.

Slate takes a look at North Korea’s comic book propaganda: link.

Awesome People Reading: link.

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