Friday, August 05, 2011

Get Your Customized Book Recommendation

So an interesting thing happened when I did this barter deal with the nice folks at Drag City (who are reissuing Rudolph Wurlitzer's Slow Fade in hardcover, paperback, and audiobook). I was poking around their site, unsure of which CDs to ask for, pondering a couple, when their publicist just asked me for some bands that I liked. She sent me a couple books they've published, along with an album by Ty Segall called 'Goodbye Bread' that I love.

It struck me that we should offer a similar service on our website. Say you've landed on our site, poked around some, found several titles interesting but are unsure where to start. We'd like to encourage anyone to drop us an email to twodollar[at] mentioning a few writers, books, or even movies that they like, and we'll respond with a customized Two Dollar Radio book recommendation. We'll also do this through Twitter (@TwoDollarRadio) or Facebook.

Have a fantastic weekend.

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