Wednesday, March 11, 2009

James Gibbons Hits Nail on Head in Bookforum review of The Shanghai Gesture

James Gibbons provides a tremendously enthusiastic review of The Shanghai Gesture, by Gary Indiana, in the April / May issue of Bookforum, bestowing the book (and author) with some much-deserved praise:

"An uproarious, confounding, turbocharged fantasia that manages, alongside all its imaginative bravura, to hold up to our globalized epoch the fun-house mirror it deserves.

"This most socially astute writer has fashioned a riotous artifact that is both self-contained and self-consuming; The Shanghai Gesture is at once a wicked riposte to contemporary failings and an aesthete's hallucinatory folktale. That the writing can balance Indiana's thoroughgoing pessimism with a yarn of such imaginative buoyancy is not the least of its achievements."

The book is now available for sale through various booksellers, as well as through our website.

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