Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shanghai Gesture a Village Voice 'Spring Book Pick'

The Shanghai Gesture, a novel by Gary Indiana (April), was selected by the Village Voice as a "Spring Book Pick."
They say:
"This enormously playful seventh novel from Gary Indiana is a riff on Sax Rohmer's infamously effeminate and evil villain, Fu Manchu, and the two "medicament"-addicted Sherlock Holmes types who attempt to stop him. The sarcastic, unyielding fury that permeated last year's criticism collection Utopia's Debris is here, too, but sublimated: Narcolepsy, an astonishingly degraded Holiday Inn, and a ship called The Ardent Somdomite feature prominently."

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kathryn barry said...

I laughed my way through this story. Many passages were so amusingly crafted that I found myself reading them out loud just to be able to hear them! This book is a delight!