Monday, February 15, 2010

HELP: We Need a Name!

We're putting together a music concert and social to take place in May that will benefit literacy, specifically Girls Write Now, a truly worthwhile organization servicing teenage girls in New York City. We need help coming up with a name for the event!!!

In the past, we've called the show 'Rock for Literacy' (lame) and 'Get Lit' (amusing, but...). So, please, write in with any ideas and suggestions. Ideally, to avoid the mental image of lighters and communal sing-alongs, I'd like to keep the word "benefit" out of the fray.

Pertinent details are being ironed out now, and we hope to have more information on the event - such as a specific date, location, and bands - available by the end of this week.

Also, anyone who may be interested in sponsoring the event can drop an email for more specifics to Brian Obenauf at brian [at]


Anonymous said...

Rockin' 4 Reading & Writing

Reading. Writing. & Rocking.

Rock 2 Write.

Write on. Rock on.

Martha Quinn said...

Rock Right Now

Music Right Now

Riff Right Now


Francis said...


from Francis

Anonymous said...

the Playdate NYC
the downtown get-down

have the girls in the organization all submit ideas, too!

Francis said...

could be just logorithm says Francis

Francis said...

Francis has another idea, since it has to do with literacy and teen aged girls, why not call the concert "Pride and Prejudice