Friday, February 12, 2010

Why Does Love Sound So Boring?

It very well could be the phase I'm at in life, but I cannot imagine a book summation sounding any less appealing than the lead review for this Sunday's New York Times Book Review:

"In Cathleen Schine's novel, two sophisticated Manhattan sisters, one wildly emotional, one smartly sensible, come to the aid of their beloved aging mother."

The book is The Three Weissmans of Westport, a novel by Cathleen Schine. It is within possibility that the book is amazing. Although it is hard not to imagine that someone was searching for a decent novel about love to coincide with Valentine's day, and I'm wondering: is that necessary?


Rodger Jacobs said...

Soon to be a Hallmark Channel movie starring Ellen Burstyn as the mother.

Jennie Kaufman said...

I had a violent reaction to that review myself. Maybe it was just the fairy-tale style of the description, but the story sounded so exquisitely boring that I almost thought I'd lose my mind before I remembered that I could simply quit reading the review.