Monday, March 08, 2010

An Arty Berlin Theme Hotel

I am thrilled that my novel, The Correspondence Artist, will be coming out with Two Dollar Radio. When Eric asked me if I would blog a bit about my book, I thought it might be interesting to give potential readers a little background information about my characters – specifically, the four fictional manifestations of “the paramour,” the narrator’s celebrity lover whose “true” identity must remain undisclosed.

I’m dedicating this week to items relating to Duong Van Binh, the twenty-something digital art star currently living in Berlin.

My narrator, Vivian, first met Binh in the lobby of an arty theme hotel there called Propeller Island City Lodge. It’s run by Binh’s friend, Lars Stroschen. Lars also has a record label (experimental electronic).

That first encounter between Vivian and Binh is a little disorienting. There’s a weird confrontation with Binh’s jealous ex involving Coca-Cola and violence. Vivian’s confusion on that trip is only augmented by the fact that she’s staying in the “Upside Down Room”:

Still, despite my narrator’s awkward experience, I wouldn’t dissuade you from staying at Propeller Island. In fact, you may want to check out a couple of the other rooms:


Eric Obenauf said...

And what's the themed room that comes up later in the book? The Lion Cage room or something?

Barbara Browning said...

Two Lions. If you google propeller island two lions you'll find it... It also has a golden commode, but it's a bit of a climb to get to.

Francis said...

I love the upside down room which reminds me of Vertigo and falling in love with with an idea or fantasm that don't exist (I once actually had a passionate dream of longing about someone that I had created in my sleep and could never find. When I was in Berlin I asked the concierge of the hotel where the action was and he told me the Orangebergian Strasse, but when I got there it was too early and there was nothing but electronics outlets.

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