Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Simon 2012

Just when you start to believe that your hard-on for David Simon can't possibly get any harder. It gets harder. Bill Moyers did this fantastic, extensive interview with Simon for Guernica Magazine that should be required reading. Who cares that Obama just launched his campaign for re-election. David Simon, baby. PS I credit Barbara Browning's The Correspondence Artist for making it okay for me to refer to my hard-on.


Barbara Browning said...

Oh man, I thought, "Phew, I guess it's socially acceptable to use the term 'hard-on' to express general enthusiasm." Then I got to your last sentence. Oh well. My apologies to your mom for being a bad influence. She can commiserate with mine.

francis said...

Hold on everyone.Hard-uns are a subject that's near and dear to my heart, but when I say I have a hard-un for someone or thing, it can also mean bearing animosity towards that person or thing. I do have to remind everyone that the loss of Leopold Bloom's hard-un is not incidentally related to the death of his son Rudy so the hardness of the hard-un is indirectly proportionate to the grief experienced by its possessor.

Eric Obenauf said...

Right Francis, I've read some about your rage-based hard-ons. My hard-on for David Simon is not rage-based.