Thursday, June 02, 2011

BEA Round-Up

We just returned from Book Expo America, which is always mildly amusing/mildly fun. I say mildly, because there are certainly those super-fun things, like chatting with booksellers or publishers you only get to see once a year, and then those things that don't grade as high on the fun barometer, such as when the dude with the cocked eyebrow asks suavely "So tell me what is Two Dollar Radio?" so he can not really listen to your response only to pitch you on his newsletter service, or something equally benign. Or the business books publisher who told me "You guys should totally publish Tony Hawk" I suspect because I wasn't wearing a suit.

I kid. It was all gravy. (Although I do remember making a blood pact with Gavin of Small Beer that next year, rather than fork over the money on a booth to catch-up with one another, we'd save money by staging our reunion in Hawaii. So, Hawaii 2K12 it is!)

In other news, we came up with our own Two Dollar Radio gang sign:

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Barbara Browning said...

omg the gang sign looks so dangerous.