Friday, June 17, 2011

Big Ups, Kyle Pratt

A gentleman named Kyle Pratt has recently gotten himself a new tattoo.

Here's Kyle himself on the process:

"I currently live in western Massachusetts and am studying English as an undergrad. I first heard about Two Dollar Radio through a guy who read part of Grace Krilanovich’s The Orange Eats Creeps aloud in my creative writing class. He was so giddy about it, about what the book was doing and the kind of books Two Dollar Radio was publishing. I was intrigued. He also suggested Joshua Mohr’s Some Things That Meant the World to Me.

"Well, I picked up Mohr’s book a few days later, and here were some of my thoughts while reading: does this novel really have a male main character named Rhonda? Did he just hug that bag of pruno? Hold on, there’re multiple Rhondas in this novel? I’m sold. I hadn’t read anything quite like it, but I wanted more.

"Later, while poking around your website a bit, I found this business about the tattoo. I liked the design and I liked the books, so why not? I had already been considering a tattoo, and what better one than this?

"It took me roughly 6 months before I finally got my radio. My friend’s girlfriend — who is a tattoo artist near where I live — did it for me. The pain was considerably less than I had imagined. (Worth it.) The tattoo has also generated multiple conversations, so that the rate at which I interact with other human beings has improved dramatically. My new life begins now."

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