Thursday, January 06, 2011

Big Ups, Mike Brezinski!

Mike Brezinski says it best himself:

"the first time i heard of two dollar radio was while browsing htmlgiant. i noticed that there were a lot of posts devoted to a book with a really weird title and amazing jacket art. shortly after, upon reading reviews and excerpts, my book club friends and i decided to read the orange eats creeps. grace krilanovich punched me directly in the throat and i couldn't have been happier.

"a friend of mine (also in book club) told me about the promotion and, well...yeah. here we are. i'm excited to read more of what y'all have published.

"a couple things: yes, that is a burning man tattoo. yes, the placement of the radio is kind of a nod to say anything. no, i've never actually seen the movie. i'm kind of weird like that, i guess.

"the tattoo was done by my friend mikey vigilante (who also, coincidentally enough, executed sanjay bisht's tattoo) at our friend sean's place in the mission district of san francisco."

Big ups, Mike.

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