Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fashion Monster

At Kids With Candy, Eli Neugeboren (son of Jay, and designer of the cover to 1940) has teamed up with a fashion designer and photographer to develop a creative and amusing project they've dubbed Fashion Monster.

Per the site:
"Fashion Monster, a project conceived by illustrator/retoucher Eli Neugeboren and photographer Dustin Cohen, combines the designs of Sarah Brashers’ line “Edelweiss by Sarah” with Neugeborens’ “monster” illustrations. In creating a modern film noir feel, the model was directed to act out scenes in which she was being followed by the brightly colored monster characters who were later placed in frame. This project was shot on location around lower Manhattan at the beginning of Fall 2010."

Be sure to peep the Kids with Candy site to see the entire series.

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