Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Correspondence Artist

The Correspondence Artist, the oustanding debut novel by Barbara Browning, is now at the printer.

Earlier this week, Publishers Weekly raved about the book, saying "Browning relentlessly explores her theme of love's many faces, giving readers a rewardingly offbeat novel that's by turns sexy, humorous, and insightful."

For those who may have missed it, Bomb Magazine ran an excerpt last summer, and The Fanzine excerpted in the fall. There are plenty more good things on the way. Barbara's an extraordinarily graceful and witty writer, and I feel confident that this first novel will leave readers feeling satisfied.

Also, The Correspondence Artist marks the first time we will be working with a new printer -- Friesens, out of Canada. Who cares, right? The printers we've worked with in the past have been unable to print our books on 100% recycled paper content. Due to the size of our print runs, we have to print with paper stock the printer keeps warehoused, which is whatever the corporate presses use. So, beginning with The Correspondence Artist, all our books will be published on recycled paper. They'll still feature French flaps and deckle edges, and apart from the cool stamp on the copyright page (pictured below) you likely won't notice any difference. So you can read and feel good about it.

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