Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Joshua Mohr

Last week, Joshua Mohr celebrated the release of his second novel, Termite Parade, at City Lights in San Francisco. It was two days before his actual birthday, so in the spirit of celebration he held an inverted party, celebrating everyone else's birthday he forgot over the last year. He handed out some gifts, including some TDR-shirts, and led a singing of 'Happy Birthday' to the raffle-winner, whom Josh appointed "Birthday Boy" for the evening.

Introducing Josh is Peter Maravellis of City Lights. As though they need to assign an award and these stores don't remain consistently awesome, Publishers Weekly names a 'Bookstore of the Year' annually and City Lights received the crown for 2009. City Lights is a Mecca for me, and so it's pretty amazing and gratifying to have them supporting our authors and our books. We definitely appreciate it.

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