Thursday, July 29, 2010

Powells: "Mohr is a post-millenial Bukowski."

We should do our best to support independent bookstores, rather than the corporate hubs. Powells is one of the most renowned. It's a veritable church of books. It's like Graceland (pic above), if you've been buried in novels your whole life.

For those of us that can't trek to Portland to buy books in person, their website is kick ass, stocked with any title you could want to get your hands on. So shop there. And they're good people. And we should support good people.

They also review a newly released book every day. They weighed in on Termite Parade over the weekend. Thanks, Powells. Us indie kids gotta stick together!

From the review: "Written with as much heart as brawn, Termite Parade is a sucker punch to literary complacency, without a hint of authorial self-absorption. Mohr is a post-millennial Bukowski with a dash of Hubert Selby, Jr. thrown in for good measure, and with only two published novels under his belt, he is rapidly becoming one of my favorite American novelists."

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