Saturday, July 03, 2010

Independents Day

At The Huffington Post, Anis Shivani (himself a very fine writer), posted a list of 15 small presses who "exemplify the best qualities of [the] publishing tradition--so characteristic of America, where the upstarts and rebels and truly ornery literary entrepreneurs flourish side by side with the bloated conglomerate publishing houses. At their best, the independent presses represent democracy, flattening of hierarchy, and dynamic feedback."

There are some really great presses spotlighted, including Coffee House, New Directions, Archipelago, and Copper Canyon (home to W.S. Merwin, the new Poet Laureate!).

Two Dollar Radio wasn't on the list, but it was nice to be mentioned in the piece as "easily deserv[ing] inclusion" nonetheless.

So to celebrate your literary indpendence, we're making our Year 5 Book Subscription available now, for just $45 through July 15.

We're in the process of acquiring rights to most of the titles that will be included in this subscription. (In fact, we've only signed Seven Days in Rio, a new novel by Francis Levy so far--more on that, and the others, soon.) But I can guarantee that they will all be fantastic.

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