Monday, June 21, 2010

Movie Stars

For a legendary revolutionary figure, Santutxo displays a surprising curiosity about pop culture figures. He loves to read the gossip on the Yahoo! homepage. He follows all the items about Scarlett Johansson. He told me once he thought Cameron Diaz seemed like an interesting person.

In this respect, he bears an uncanny resemblance to his former student and close friend. Seriously. Maybe you didn't know this, but the brilliant spokesperson of the EZLN, the man who's been dubbed "a postmodern Che Guevara," El Sup - has a raging, slightly delusional crush on a movie star.

The revelation hit the blogosphere about two years ago: "El dirigente de los zapatistas mexicanos, el 'Subcomandante Marcos,' afirmó estar soltero desde su separación hace cinco años, pero confesó 'amar con locura' a la actriz estadounidense Angelina Jolie."

He sent her an invitation via intermediaries to a secret meeting of the EZLN, but she didn't show. In an interview, he said he was sure it was just a glitch in communications, and that if she'd gotten the message, she would have gone.

Really. He really said that.

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