Friday, June 04, 2010

The Only Cat Post

This is it, the one cat post I’m allowed for my whole blogging life. Hope you like!

The cats’ motto: "Close, but not too close."

More than most animals, cats carry within them the knowledge of all cats that have come before.

Hemingway called them "love sponges." To me, cats are more like bagpipes. A burrito covered in fur, if you will.

If a cat blinks slowly while looking you in the eye, it is saying, "I adore you."

It is important, just as practice being an ethical human, to attend to a small furry creature’s everyday needs -- selflessly, silently -- in the midst of what may appear to be the creature’s aloof scorn for your efforts. Repeat every day for the duration of its unique existence. Think of a cat as a trans-mammalian empathy-training device.

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