Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Orange Eats Creeps Contest!

So, we're sponsoring a contest with Grace Krilanovich as the almighty Judge.

The winner takes home a personalized, signed copy of The Orange Eats Creeps as soon as the book arrives from the printer (or, roundabouts early August -- 1 month before the publication date) AND a Two Dollar Radio tee shirt of their choosing.

According to the source (Grace Krilanovich):

"I started writing The Orange Eats Creeps as a wager with a classmate that I couldn’t whip up some wild stuff for a few of the storylines I’d pitched to him -- mostly themes, types and situations picked out of a hat, then strung together like some plot-oriented refrigerator poetry. Slutty Teenage Hobo Vampire Junkies (the original title of the book) grew out of that, even though I dispensed with the strict adherence to those categories as soon as I got my bearings in the story, in this strange world with its slutty, teenage blah blah blah occupants.

"I’m a big fan of the use of constraints in writing fiction, especially in the beginning. Who can write a word when the options are limitless? This is something the Surrealists and Oulipo understood. Adhering to a predetermined set of rules that severely limited your options, paradoxically, your mind was opened to all sorts of crazy hitherto unthought possibilities. Apparently the human brain just can’t come up with such originality on its own, hobbled by its own inability to sift through the endless combinations of words and situations, all hanging right out there in the open.

"To that end, I’m going to help you out. Here are three titles for stories of the future, drawn from my vast repository of Roger Corman-esque plotlines (i.e. picked out of a hat):"

1. Parisian Anarchist Courtesans On Strike!

2. Celibate Wiccan Rock ‘n Roll Commune

3. Confessions of a Baptist Nightclub Janitor


Prudent details:

- Length of the piece is up to you. It could be a sentence, a paragraph, a page, five pages (!).

- Pieces should be based one of the above supplied prompts as chosen by The Judge.

- Deadline is July 15, 2010.

- Entries should be included in the body of an email sent to: twodollar[at]twodollarradio.com.

- Winning entry will receive a personalized, signed copy of The Orange Eats Creeps, a Two Dollar Radio tee shirt of their choosing, and their entry will be posted on this here blog.

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