Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The PennySaver: An Appreciation

You know you want it; maybe you already get it but haven’t given it much thought. But people: how else are you going to know where the estate sales are? Where to buy a rabbit? Who to hire for your apartment’s dangerous wiring problem? This cute stapled newsprint circular closely resembles the Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer, but less hip, more like the Fearless Flyer’s flame shirt-wearing cousin who drives a '90s Buick Roadmaster. For the uninitiated, the PennySaver is a weekly compendium of coupons for Lasik surgery and Hawaiian BBQ, listings for yard sales, pets, collectibles, jobs, rentals and the inevitable “Free Stuff” column (for those who want to save 100% of their pennies. You need firewood, right?), specific to your neighborhood, sub-neighborhood even. A couple tips: Don’t read it while you’re eating. Clip the Free Stuff column for a little found poetry.

If you don’t already get the PennySaver every week, and you would like to, I’m sorry to inform you that it’s basically impossible to subscribe. You can go to the grocery store and see if they have any lying around, but they’re usually outdated. You can’t buy it -- you just have to wait until the PS decides to enter your life. And once it does, expect your ration of weekly newsprint to keep rolling in like the endless waves...forever...

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