Monday, June 21, 2010


Eric was so nice as to let me blog again about another of my characters. This week is dedicated to Santutxo Etxeberria, the legendary Basque separatist. He’s featured in the excerpt from the novel which is in the current issue of BOMB.

So, you may recall from a prior post that I confessed to having recently stalked the philosopher Slavoj Žižek. I was trying to get him to disavow any connection to Santutxo. In the novel, there is some indication that Santutxo attended a dinner party with Žižek, Analia Hounie and Gayatri Spivak. Of course that didn’t really happen. Santutxo is a fictional character.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get Žižek to make a public statement on the subject.

Santutxo, however, was happy to post his own:

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